From $ 250,00

Travel an entire day on a missile base:

  • 1 person – US $ 250,00
  • 2 people – US $ 200,00
  • 3 people – US $ 180,00

Duration: 8:00 – 18:00 (10 hours)

* The cost of the tour is calculated per person varies according to the group size. This means that the more people come, less everyone pays!

** The duration of the tour may be slightly different depending on road and weather conditions, but, rule, does not exceed the specified limits.


  • The museum is located wax 300 km from Kiev, so be prepared for a long journey.
  • We provide a comfortable car, lunch and drinks on the way back and forth!
  • The duration of the tour may differ slightly depending on road and weather conditions, but, as a rule, does not exceed the specified period.
  • “when we pulled 30 meters below, It is cold, so take something warm with you, even in summer.”
  • If you do not appear on the day of the tour without notice, repayment does not apply.


(Our manager will contact you to discuss all the details).


Faça uma viagem ao Museu das Forças de Mísseis Estratégicos.

Do not miss the chance to take a trip to a place that was completely secret, which not long ago it was a nightmare for the US and worldwide! On here, at the base of the underground pit 12 story, you will see a version of the famous “Red button”, I was able to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles, responding to a nuclear attack on a planetary scale!

During this tour, you will see models of Soviet rockets, You may inspect the bunker to launch, go to the underground command center, which was fortified to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear missile and explore another series of exciting scenarios!

How is the tour

We offer round-trip transfer to and from the museum. The tour through the museum is held by the former base of service staff: this ensures that all information you receive will be faithful!

The ride lasts about three hours. During this time, you will learn how the foundation was founded and hear about many interesting facts. You explore the main attractions of the museum, besides being able to walk, take pictures and talk with the old service personnel. If necessary, we can provide a local guide in English.

Nuclear war was a constant threat just a few decades ago. When you visit the Museum of Missile Forces, you will have access to a shrine of Soviet military power, the most secret place of the former USSR!

Sign up for this tour and bring your friends; See with your own eyes the secrets that the spies of Western Europe and the US were looking!

Points of interest

  1. The exhibition rooms of the museum dedicated to World War II and the Cold War. detailed layouts of the launch bunker and the underground command post will be of particular interest.
  2. The RS-20 missile “Voevod”, also known as SS-18 “Satan”. According to NATO classification, It was the most formidable weapon of the USSR during the Cold War. This monstrous rocket has 34 meters long and weighs 211 tons. According to experts, a warhead contained in three of those missiles would be enough to destroy a medium-sized country like France or Poland.
  3. The underground command center, which is accessed through a tunnel interconnection system, is buried three meters deep, that they are in working condition today. The very command center consists of a capsule divided into twelve floors. This structure is able to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear missile. All its components are preserved exactly as they were in Soviet times.
  4. “Red button”: this is a figurative name for a control system that launches nuclear missiles and is now open to visitors.
  5. A replica and rocket engines, mobile launchers, assistive technology impressive tunnels missile.
  6. Remember the Cuban missile crisis? You will see an authentic model of R-12 rocket – a rocket that was discovered by American spy planes over Cuba 1962. The discovery of these missiles caused the famous crisis!


(Our manager will contact you to discuss all the details).