Travel packages "Ukraine 2019" - 22 August- 05 of September (group routings)
We prepare our Economic SCRIPT with a very special program, visiting the major cities of Western Ukraine (Galicia).Come visit
personalized tour guide service in Ukraine
personalized tour guide service. The travel company "Travel-Guide" It specializes in all kinds of individual excursions and ...
Chernobyl tour
Chernobyl tour. Chernobyl - one city, located in the Kiev region, 130 km north of the Ukrainian capital ....
airplane flight in Kiev
airplane flight in Kiev. Many of us were flying in large passenger ships, but small planes are well ...
Flying balloons in Kiev
Flying balloons in Kiev. We offer you an unforgettable flight over the capital of Ukraine. Kiev - Mother of cities ...
Tank driving in Kiev
Tank driving in Kiev. We are proud to offer you a special tour, the only of its kind in Ukraine. All of us,...
Shooting tour in Kiev
Shooting tour in Kiev. Radical tours are rapidly gaining popularity among Ukrainians and guests of our country. Try it...
tour guide who speaks Portuguese in Saransk in World Cup 2018 to Russie
For Portuguese-speaking tourists there is the opportunity to take a tour of high level and comfort, thanks to...


To meet people around the world you must travel… por Country?

Travel - a price discovery itself. Only having visited various parts of the world, we can truly recognize the world. People travel for a different purpose.

No doubt, it is to know other traditions and cultures unknown to us, gain new knowledge and simply rest in another environment. But the most important, the journey is a little adventure and revelation, experience and emotions. It is, do you agree, we are missing in our everyday life. This trip and draws us.

Travel more than anything else. Sometimes one day, held elsewhere, It gives more than ten years of life at home.


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