Prince Volodymyr the Great monument over Dnipro in Kyiv

Prince Volodymyr the Great (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

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Monument to the Grand Duke Volodymyr is one of the most famous landmarks in Kiev. It was discovered on the hill in Vladimir 28 September 1853. Before the monument to Grand Duke, this place was chamado hill Mikhailovskaya, with the name of the Monastery of San Miguel.

According to the legend, it was here that Prince Vladimir baptized Svyatoslavich the inhabitants of Kiev. In his right hand, Prince is a cross, on the left is a prince hat. The author of Vladimir statue is the sculptor Peter Klodt. The relief on the monument pedestal portrays the image of the people of Kiev baptism. The author of the relief is Volodymyr Demut-Malinovsky. The pedestal was made by Alexander Ton. volodymyr Svyatoslavich – Prince of Novgorod, Grand Duke of Kiev, which was conducted under Rus baptism.