Golden gate (Golden Gate Museum)

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Golden Gate Kiev Ukrania

The fact that kievianos consider the Golden Gate a symbol of their city, It is actually a rebuilt pavilion. The very gates, more precisely his remains, It is within this massive structure. Reconstruction of this pavilion, It was just erected to preserve the unique monument of defensive architecture of Kievan Rus that survives today. The Golden Gate held not only a defensive role, but also served as the main entrance to the city. This monument is also famous for being several times the meeting point of famous guests and foreign ambassadors. Also known for being the meeting point of the back of the warriors who returned victorious from battles.

The Golden Gate of Kiev received its name because of the Triumphant gates of Constantinople. Most likely, this was a kind of rivalry with the great Byzantine Empire.

golden gates were built during the reign of Yaroslav Mudriy. Some sources say that the date of creation of the monument is 1164 years, others say it was in 1037. The latest version is confirmed by “Tale of Bygone Years”, in addition to remember the Kyiv gates, also mention the fact that the prince died in 1054. Initially, the gate represented a fairly wide arc with an above battlefield. The white stone church of the Annunciation was crowned for the guests know they came to a Christian city. The construction was marked by greatness and inaccessibility. The gate of Kiev received its name also triumphant Golden Gate of Constantinople. For this fact, some believe that Rus was competing with the great Byzantine Empire.

Generally, the buildings of the city gates in 1164, They differed up of structures erected in Europe. The Church of the Annunciation emphasized that through the battle tower, there is an entry for the Christian town, and the overall look of the building resembled, to the Golden Gate of Constantinople.

In 1240, the gate was badly damaged during Batu Khan attack in Kiev. Through the records and travelers drawings, it is clear that until century 17 the fortress was severely damaged. They brought in a presentable appearance only 1982, when Kiev celebrated his birthday 1500 years. But the reconstruction was done in a hurry, low quality concrete, wood reinforcements began to quickly collapse, and the gate broke again. The most recent restoration was carried out in the year 2007.

The Golden Gate of Kiev is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Nowadays, there is a museum inside the pavilion, in which you can see the preserved to discover the history of the Golden Gate. There is also a ladder on which you can climb and admire the panorama of modern Kiev.