Porcupine in fog or horseback (Hedgehog Monument)

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Many of us grew up in Soviet times and were created in Soviet cartoons. One of the most popular cartoons of that era was and remains today “Hedgehog in the fog”.

The short animated film, that lasts 10 minutes, was released in 1975 em Soyuzmultfilm. The author is Yuri Norstein, who participated in the work as cartoons “38 parrots”, “Shapoklyak”, “Aybolit e Barmaley” and many others.

The cartoon itself is dedicated to the history of a hedgehog, going to his bear friend, which would lead stars in the sky. It carries a raspberry jam jar tea. During his journey, he finds an owl, as well as a horse in the fog to which he goes to find out if it will melt sleep, but falls into a nasty story, by the way, It has a happy ending.

The association's participants “Kyiv Landscape Initiative” They decided to perpetuate this character in the form of a wooden figure. Hedgehog based on the stump, and legs he holds the knot with jam and expect the appearance of his friend - Bear. To peek hedgehog well, because their needles are made of nails and screws, fit with the sharp edges in different directions.

interesting facts:

In 2003, O “Hedgehog in the Fog” It was recognized as the best cartoon of all time by the results of a survey of 140 film critics and multipliers from different countries;

The sculpture is considered a mascot and, therefore, throw it in a mess of different denominations.

On purpose, the monument is called “Hedgehog in the fog”, as it was called by people, e “Horse”, in honor of a horse, which saw the main character of the cartoon in the fog. The most interesting is that the sculpture is situated in front of the monument to the defenders of the borders, which is made in the form of horse and rider. no end, it was found that the hedgehog, even in real life, He found his horse.