Pirogovo Open-Air Museum

Pirogovo Open-Air Museum (Kiev, Ukraine) – exhibition, working time, Address, phones.

The Museum of Architecture and Life of Ukraine, Pirogovo, It is located outdoors in the southwest of Kiev. This is the largest protected area in Eastern Europe. Across the country, of wood and life architecture samples were made between centuries 16 e 19. Pirogovo is a farm mezzanine, containing an old windmill, comfortable cabins pristine, wooden churches and more 70 thousand storage units in a territory of more than 150 hectares.

The museum's territory is divided into traditional Ukrainian regions, as “Dnipro average”, “Poltava e Slobozhanschyna”, “Polissya”, “Podillya”, “Southern Ukraine”, “Carpathian”, “Mlynkiy”, “FeirFild” e “Vila modern”. For Prindneprov middle, for example, They include land of South Kyiv and Cherkassy region, major local attractions are the oak cultivation and two slender temples of St. Paraskeva and Archangel Michael (both active). Pirogovo Each section has its own style, architecture and vibe. not inside, all houses are decorated according to the traditions, in order to change from one to another does not bother.

Pirogovo is a popular place for all of Kiev. Come here to ride, organize picnics or attend one of the many holidays and events. For example, fairs and folk festivals.

Finally, do not forget the numerous restaurants, taverns and cafes, where you can experience a real Ukrainian borsch with pampushkas, lard or deruny.