Mariiynsky park (Mariinsky Park)

Mariiynsky park (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

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One of the former names of the park – Tsarsky, which fully justifies its large and beautiful territory, as well as the history of the park itself Mariiynsky.

Before the park appear here, this area did not differ in particular richness and variety of green plantations, and set up hills, covered with low-growing shrubs. In that time, O Mariiynsky Palace, which was completed in 1752, I was already in the vicinity. According to Peter 1, the hills next to the palace were enriched and converted into a head of military bridge. In 1855, and Imperatriz Maria Aleksandrovna, Alexander's wife 2, We arrived after the coronation in Kiev, He ordered in place a beachhead to break the park in the English style.

In 1874, Mariiynsky the park was opened under the Nezelsky gardener project as a set of palaces in typical scenic England style for this time. For all time of its existence, the park covered all new and new views. In the late eighteenth century, a source was created under the project of architect Schiele (involved in the interior decoration of the Mariinsky Palace), Oleksiy released in Termen factory (the época, industrial plumbing and built a brewery in Kiev). In the century 19, the park was replenished with monuments to writers, heroes of the revolution and World War II.

interesting facts:

According to one version, the park received its name in memory of Empress Maria Alexandrovna, who gave orders to create this beautiful place;

According to another version, the park's name is associated with the name of another real person – Maria Feodorovna, Wife of Emperor Alexander 3 (the penultimate king of Russia). Maria Fedorovna always liked to walk around the palace park and it was there he learned about the abdication of the emperor and, immediately, It was sent to the emigration to Denmark;

In the decade of 1970-1980 there was a children's railway in the park, although much lower than Cear.

The park was reconstructed for the last time 2000, its green background is constantly updated and maintained, thanks to which many old trees were preserved for several hundred years. Through the park, you can look to the left bank of Kiev from the observation deck, and after going a little more – to see the stadium with the name of Valery Lobanovsky. At the end of City Park, which follows immediately after Mariiynsky, there is a bridge lovers where you can go to Khreshchaty Park, she – to visit the museum and the water Theater Dolls and the monument “Eternal love “.