The St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery (St. Michael's Cathedral)

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, opinions, Photos.

The six-story cross temple with three nefrops and a single golden dome on the territory of the monastery of the same name was erected in 1108 at 1113 the grandson of Yaroslav, the wise Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich.

The glorious St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery brought its mosaics and frescoes. According to art historians, they found a new type in the evolution of ancient Russian art.

A church of three rooms with a dome, similar to the Assumption Cathedral in Pechersk Lavra, It was built by a method of mixed masonry, that alternated stone lines and smooth bricks. For the first time in the practice of Russian stone architecture, the cathedral dome was gilded, for which he received the name Cathedral of the Golden Summit by Kievans. From the west to the temple adjoining there is a round staircase tower and a small temple-baptismal. The cathedral became the burial place of several generations of Kyivan princes. In 1240, it was damaged badly and sacked by the host of Batu. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, The cathedral was rebuilt several times.

Instead of a, this cathedral has seven summits, and three sides of the cathedral surrounded by Annex, and the walls were strengthened by buttresses. The facades of the temple were decorated with molded ornaments, pillars and ornaments, made by the famous architect Kyiv I. Grigorov Chambarsky, and the ribs of the drums were abundantly decorated with bright original majolica sockets, bright sun, like gems.

As “shimmering paintings” mosaics are called the St. Michael's Cathedral, as if the walls jumping, they, like a ghost, They involved the entire space of the temple of his fading, then lit with a shiny new power. Extremely sophisticated and alive, the mosaics of St. Michael Cathedral were an excellent job of ancient Russian painting and testified convincingly that, Kievan Rus after the, He had already developed a national school of fine arts, free from the influence of Byzantium. The birth of this school is mainly due to the name of a brilliant artist old Russian, one Kyiv-Pechersk monastery monk, Alimpiy, insuperable: the master of “shimmering painting”, whose name was surrounded by legends during his lifetime.

The mosaics of the Cathedral of St. Michael Golden Dome became the peak of ancient musical skills. Part of the mosaic of St. Michael's Cathedral – “Eucharist”, “annunciation”, the image of Archdeacon Stephen and Tadeusz, and several others, They were taken to the Saint Sophia Cathedral. mosaic “Dmitry Solunskiy”, which has now become a textbook and was included in all publications devoted to the ancient Russian art, now it can be seen in the Tretyakov Gallery, and on top of the wardrobe “Saint Samuel” – in the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

A total of 45 square meters of mosaic survived, since it completely covers the walls of the cathedral. Coat temple also survived two slate plates with relief images jumping riders. One of them is considered St. George, the other is Holy Dmitriy. Some researchers believe that these are portraits of princes or princely warriors, and some are looking for the roots of these reliefs in the art of ancient Iran. The origin of these reliefs remains a mystery, and their topics are not clear. The Cathedral of Saint dourada. Michael in Kiev also held many other mysteries that have not been discovered.