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This museum is officially called “The Tragedy and Valor of Afghanistan”, and it was founded as a small display-exposure in May 1992 no Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War (under the Motherland statue). The exhibition was dedicated to participating in armed conflicts and local wars, in which the Soviet army participated, but most of the exhibition was dedicated to fighters in Afghanistan.

The opening of the exhibition was preceded by a long and active work of collection and acquisition of collection actions. Staff at the World War II Museum visited not only all regions of Ukraine and most of the former USSR republics, but also visited Afghanistan. As a result, the exhibition has become the largest of these collections of the season in the CIS and remains today.

On the tenth anniversary of withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, and that was in 1999, members of the Memorial Complex of the Great Patriotic War built an exhibition taking place in a separate building, based on existing exposure, call “The tragedy”. and achievement of Afghanistan “. The museum consists of two halls and has over 4.000 exhibitions, and outside the building there is an exhibition of military equipment of the time: tanks, armored personnel carrier, helicopter.

interesting facts:

up until 1987, the dead soldiers were buried in secret and, we monuments, was banned indicate that the soldier was killed in Afghanistan,

Tests performed in the early 1990 showed that at least 40% the participants of the war in Afghanistan were in dire need of professional psychologists by calling “Afghan syndrome”

in full, those who returned could live there as before. Letter from a former soldier to the newspaper “Do you know, if you were thrown into the Union connection: “volunteers! Back to Afghanistan! ” - I would go… What living and seeing all this crap, these clumsy peaks office rats, this human malice and savage hatred of all, this oak, no one needs slogans, better there! Everything is easier there”.

many documents, photos, posters, letters, papers and personal belongings of soldiers that can be seen in the museum help to recreate the atmosphere and the political situation in the USSR at that time, reveal the culprits in the resolution of this war, demonstrate its consequences and also perform valor and heroism of ordinary participants in military operations.