Museum of a street in Kiev (One Street Museum)

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The creators of the Museum of One Stream are trying to reveal the mysteries of St descent. Andrew for over fifteen years. Miniature size, but in its inner meaning, the museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kiev. The rich exhibition is full of historical documents, manuscripts, autographs, old postcards, photographs and a large number of beautiful home features. Explore the museum visitors is deepening in the nostalgic atmosphere of the story, as if I traveled by car with time.

The collection of the Museum of Streets One is dedicated to the history of St. Andrew's Descent and its prominent inhabitants. The exposure decent place is dedicated to interesting cases, stories and city bikes, that they are related to well-known owners and Andrew descent houses.

Several museum's exhibits tell of the Church of St. Andrew, Richard Castle, Lion Heart and other buildings Andrew Ascension. Connected with the mysterious legend of ghosts, Richard Castle, in the early twentieth century, It was inhabited by famous Ukrainian artists F. Krasitsky, G. Dyadchenko, Makushenko and sculptor F. Blvensky. The museum has a unique collection of his artworks.