Museum microminiatures (Mykola Syadristy Microminiatures Museum)

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There is not only a museum within the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, but it deserves particular attention and respect for its owner and creator - Mykola Sjudristom. The Ukrainian master, who became famous worldwide for his work in the form of thumbnails, which can only be seen under a microscope.

Recognizing the quality of work of this person suggests that part of his collection is in the Andorran Museum and elsewhere in the Polytechnic Institute of Moscow and 15 works in Hungarian Szentendre (this city is known as a city of artists with many galleries and workshops). Nicholas traveled around the world for half a century, Japan and Australia to Chile and Canada.

Among the microminaturas displayed at the exhibition, each one and only. It is impossible to imagine how a person can do such a small thing: in human hair is pierced in its recess along its length, and the hair itself is polished to full transparency. And then, within the root of a rose, 0,05 mm thick – impressively, it is not?

Saydristom did not have much difficulty putting a caravan of golden camels in the eye of the needle and chrysanthemums in a glass lobster in recording notes size 2 x 5 mm – a piece of polonium Oginsky. Many other wonderful miniatures are in this museum, no for nothing. Nicholas recognized one of the best masters of their business in the world – It is better to see it once, because even photos and videos will not be able to convey all the refinement of these works of art.