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The territory of National Museum of the Great Patriotic War there is a large exhibition of military equipment, which displays only weapons of the Red Army from the pre-war years to the 70 the last century.

on display, you can see simple tanks, medium and heavy tanks, the legendary Katyusha missile system. One of the exhibits is even humorous: in 1941, a self-made tank Odessa based on a tractor was created in Odessa Tractor Plant, which has the characteristic Odessa-name “To frightened” or simply “NOT”. Besides that, there is an armored train, although as a layout, but very reliable and full size.

The oldest exhibit is presented in the form of a layout - a bayonet 1931 which accommodates a maximum of 2 people and develops a speed of 40 km / h, and a howitzer of the same year that fired projectiles 203 weighing mm 100 kg in a range of 18 km.

interesting facts:

Automotive launcher combat with ballistic missile РСД-10 was transferred to the exposure under the agreement between the USSR and the US in May 1990. This machine weighs 41 tons, It has a length 17 meters and a height of 3 meters . She fired a rocket, weighing 35 tons and could fly 5.000 km. After the missile launch, fighting vehicle was not recoverable and, indeed, It was a single launcher.”