Chernobyl Museum (Chernobyl National Museum)

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The world renowned Ukrainian town of Chornobyl is known around the world: unfortunately, It is a matter of horrific events in history. It is impossible to forget that, in 26 April 1986, It was the biggest technological disaster in the field of nuclear energy – an accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, it took many lives that have been subjected to radioactive contamination around land with an area of ​​more than 200 mil km. In that day, there was a tragedy, whose consequences are felt far.


The most famous Chernobyl nuclear power station was 132 km has norte Kiev. Five years after the disaster, the Chernobyl Museum was opened in Kiev, giving visitors the opportunity to learn more about this sad event.

The museum's collection has over 7.000 exhibitions, which were planned to be collected year after year – as more and more information related to the accident, its causes and consequences, They were deprived of privacy seal and were available to the public. For today, the exposure of the Chornobyl Museum consists of a variety of maps and photographs; things that belong to the participants in the elimination of the consequences; once classified documents, to see what you could do here for the first time.

Those who enter the Chornobyl Museum are registration, that in translation from Latin says:” There is a sadness limit, but there is no alarm in it.

Visitors to the museum, First of all, see an inscription, the Latin translation, says: “There is a sadness limit, but there is no alarm in it”, followed by a flashing barrier, behind which the road to Chernobyl opens. If you raise your eyes, climbing stairs to the main hall, you can see how 76 traffic signs floating over head 76 with Ukrainian settlements names destroyed by radiation. In the first room of the museum, visitors are brought here iconostasis of the affected area, beside which, in full clothing, there are statues of liquidators, and above which the black and white angels, as the good and evil symbols. The wings of a white angel are covered with photos of children born in the world after the accident, black wings – historic photographs.

Everything here, in a way or another, It is related to the issue of nuclear power plants: the floor is a plate of biological protection of the main reactor room, a ceiling – a world map with the names of all existing nuclear power plants, which are lit flashing lamps. The walls of the hall are decorated with posters related to nuclear physics.


The museum offers visitors unique film about the Chernobyl accident and its consequences, a natural model of ChNPP, and works in three-phase diorama “Chornobyl NPP antes, during and after the accident”, which shows the explosion that destroyed the nuclear power plant and the liquidation of its consequences.

A large part of the exhibition is given to these brave people and altruisas who participated in one way or another in overcoming the consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe. Since 1998, the museum has even a special electronic memory book of the participants in the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident, in which there are more than 5 Liquidators thousand names of a wide variety of professions. Besides that, part of the museum exhibition tells about how other countries helped and supported Ukraine.