Museum of the Great Patriotic War (Great Patriotic War Museum)

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In June 1943, when there were still battles for the liberation of Ukraine, the country's leadership decided to create a Republican Museum of Patriotic War of the Ukrainian people. The decision is quite courageous, because it took about 2 years to win. But most priority tasks of recovery and development of the country's national economy have pushed the issue of creating a museum there 20 years.

One of the modern museum located predecessors based on monument “Motherland” It was the Republican exhibition “Partisans of Ukraine in the fight against the Nazi Invasors”, inaugurated in April 1946. For reasons unknown, It was closed in 1950, and materials transferred to the State Historical Museum Inventory, on the basis that, in 1970, a preparatory group was organized to create the War History Museum.

In October 1974, in honor of the 30th anniversary of liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders in Pechersk, in the ancient palace Klov, held the “Ukrainian State Museum of History of Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”. He immediately attracted public attention and numerous visitors. At the same time, initiated the creation of a separate Memorial Complex, whose opening, in 9 from May of 1981, It has become an important event in the life of the whole country.

According to the size and value of collections, the museum is one of the largest in Ukraine. Its collections include about 400.000 items. It allows you to update regularly the main exhibition and thematic relics of constant action: “Tragedy and value of Afghanistan“, “About extraterrestrial wars”, besides creating several exhibitions annually.

The main museum exhibition is deployed in 16 rooms with a total area of 5.000 square meters. meters, It has over 15 thousand museum items. Prepare for the fact that you can get bored after the end of the museum's research – the total length of all the rooms is over 5 km. A museum feature is the presentation of historical material by creating symbols and easily perceived images, and the fact that they are united thematically and chronologically – from the beginning to the last days of the war.

interesting facts:

In 2010, 1186 letters were sent to the complex memorial museum, Nazi were removed Kamyanets-Podilsky. this correspondence, dated June-July of 1941, It was held in Vienna museums of funds. The sheets were unprinted, read or assigned. After addressing the museum in the media and campaigning in the forums on the Internet, some letters found their recipients in half a century.

Today, Memorial is a major scientific research center, scientific-methodical and cultural-educational about the military history of Ukraine. More of 25 000 000 visitors 200 countries visited the exhibition.

Taking into account the significance of the Memorial Complex as a unique monument of national culture, to preserve its historical and cultural values, in 21 June 1996, the presidential decree issued the Statute of the National Museum.

This time is called: Memorial complex “National History Museum of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”.