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The museum of the glory of partisans in Kiev (Ukraine) - exhibition, work schedule, Address, telephone, official site.

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Museum Glóriados partisans, that abriu 7 of May, 2008 Partizan in the park of Glory for the years became an important center of military patriotic education of youth and perhaps the only museum in the left bank of Kiev. The museum displays authentic documents, personal belongings, military ammunition of the participants of guerrilla movement. To recreate the atmosphere of those years, a guerrilla excavation, a wooden seen and a fishing boat used by the guerrillas were shown.

The exhibition consists of several sections and talks about the partisan struggle in 1941. The activity of the first guerrilla groups that were created during the initial period of war and participated in the heroic defense of Kiev, the implementation of the guerrilla movement in 1941-1942, forms and methods guerrilla, communications connections sabotage guerrilla attacks, fighting enemy subdivisions. Completes the museum's exhibition section dedicated to the liberation of Kiev. The windows you can see the materials that highlight partisan combat activity during the crossing of the Dnieper, documents and personal belongings of the guerrilla commanders Heroes of the Soviet Union. Simonenko, Zbanatskoho Yu, W. Bovkun M. Taranuschenka and other.

The museum regularly hosts photo exhibitions and art, movie stars on the theme of war 1941-1945. Traditionally, events dedicated to the Day of Victory and Glory Day Partisan (22 of September) They are performed annually. Near the museum there is a memorial sign in honor of the militant cohesion of partisan brigades during the Great Patriotic War (1978, architect K. Sidorov). The inscription on the stone testifies: This stone symbolizes the Tatra military friendship of Soviet partisans, Poles and Slovaks in the joint struggle against the Nazi invaders. Established by veterans initiative of partisan brigade named after Shchors.