Sacred Vvedensky Monastery in Kiev

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There are many temples in Kiev, close to the soul and heart of the believer. Between them, there are those who are increasingly magnificent Monastery of the Holy Vvedensky. But distinguishes the monastery of other monasteries to one of its peculiar traits. In this humble temple there is a rest. Strict adherence to the Charter liturgical and monastic cloister Kiev deserved love and many faithful pilgrims.

Of ancient times, believers in the monasteries sought and found the ideal of spiritual well-being and an example of a courageous act of service to people. Many pilgrims come to the Holy Monastery Vvedensky for inspiration prayerful, to strengthen the soul of power to live by the commandments.


The beginning of the monastery The introduction of the Mother of God at the temple in Kiev was placed by Matron Yegorov, a rich captain's widow. Having set a goal - to organize a women's community Matrona began buying real estate in Pechersk district, particularly in Moscow and fishing streets until it became the owner of the quarter. In June 1877 matron appealed to Metropolitan of Kiev Philotheus requesting the establishment in their female community property under the name Vvedensky.

During the years of Soviet power, the monastery continued its existence, although the state's attitude toward the church has changed considerably. The flourishing of anti-church struggle takes 20 a 30 years. When many temples and monasteries were destroyed or closed actively. No year of 1934, 67 Orthodox communities were closed in Kiev, including the Monastery of Santa women Vvedensky.

Only 23 November 1996 by a decree of the Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Holy discovery monastery Vvedensky.

Holy Monastery

In a relatively short period of its existence, the monastery became the guardian of the holy places as miraculous icon of the Mother of God “on humility”, famous for wonderful reflection on the glass and numerous healing Tikhvin Icon of the Mother, which surprisingly chose their place of residence in the house, Vladimir Icon The Mother of God, written on Mount Athos, ícone of Bogolyubskaya, It has been revered in this monastery.

They say the Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God, the first after the monastery's discovery appeared in the temple, herself chose a place in it. At first, It was placed in the western wall, but, despite the very reliable lot, the icon for the service failed. after that, she was placed in a funeral table - and it failed again. All this was repeated and when it was surpassed by the clip. The icon “soothed” It was just in a hilly place where its Kyoto carved was made in the form of a throne, and she was decorated with silver rice.

Divine services are held every day at 15:00 on the eve of the holidays and the 16:00 not on public holidays.