Monastery Vydubytskiy

The Monastery of Vidubitskiy (Kiev, Ukraine): Detailed Description, Address, reviews and photos.

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The Vydubytskiy monastery in Kiev is located in the Vydubychi tract, near the river Dnipro. The address, memorial Kiev, always attracted tourists. Unlike other monasteries of Kiev, the life of the monks here do not stop until the Mongol invasion.

One of the oldest monasteries in Kiev, it's just 26 younger years, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. It was founded in 1070 por Vsevolod Yaroslavich, son of Yaroslav the Wise. It was a familiar monastery son of Vsevolod, Vladimir Monomakh and his descendants.

There are three versions where the name came from the region and the monastery. The first version says that the Prince Volodymyr Svyatoslavich, when he decided to baptize Russia, ordered release all wooden idol of Perun and other gods in the Dnieper. Held in the ancient faith, lay people fled along the river and invited the gods to surrender and spit, screaming “Perun, Hail!”. The place where the idols finally sailed to the coast were called Vydubichami.

Even before baptism of Russia, near the monastery, It had a cross through the Dnieper. The laity were to “oaks” – boats, of solid oak excavated shafts. On here, I do not try to Vydubytsky, there was a large owl. That is, the name, in principle, It could have occurred at the intersection.

Besides that, the name could come from the existing underground monastery in the Baptism of Russia in the territory of cave Zverinets, what, after the official adoption of Christianity, “excavated” land and occupied the territory of the pagan temple on the shore near the ferry, who later became a ferry. According to legend, the legendary “Biblioteca de Yaroslav the Wise” It could be stored in caves Zvirynetsky.

The story

After the Union of Brest, in 1569, Vydubytsky the monastery passed under the authority of Uniates. And already in 1637, Petro Mohyla helped in the return of the sacred monastery to the Orthodox Church. The Vydubytsky monastery began to have the right to have a Dnieper the ship with all the surrounding lands, which gave the monastery a substantial profit.

So far, just west of the temple with nurtex survived. In the decade of 80 the sixteenth century, the eastern part of the wall fell Milonig. One of the best examples of Ukrainian Baroque period is the Cathedral of St. George, built in honor of George the Victory for the money Colonel Mikhail Miklashevsky. Because of its location in the picturesque valley, the Cathedral of St. George became an architectural complex of the composition center Vydubytsky Monastery.

In 1921, the power closed the monastery Vydubytsky, is at 30 years the iconostasis of the church was burned and the cemetery was destroyed. The buildings were delivered to staff and workers of a wood mill. In 1975, the Institute of Archeology was located within the famous Vydubychi.

The monastery resumed its activities in 1992, However, coexisted with archaeologists for up to five years.

In the monastery there is a necropolis, in which they are buried many prominent figures of science, Art, especially the nineteenth century. There is a version that Taras Shevchenko wanted to be buried here, because, according to many of his contemporaries, that's Place, put on.