Hetman Mazepa Monument (Kiev Eterna)

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The first monument dedicated to Hetman Ivan Mazepa Stepanovich turning around Ukraine was installed on 19 January 2009 on the observation deck, near the Palace for Children and Youth, next to the Heroes of Kruty Alley. Previously, this site was the Cathedral Military Nikolaev, under the scheme exploded Bolshevik. The sculptural composition is also called “eternal Kiev”. He created the sculpture Frank Maysler – the world-renowned Israeli sculptor.

O monument is configured such that, when viewed from the palace for children and youth, It is located in front of the cúpulas da Lavra Kyiv-Pechersk, in which Mazepa built several churches.

The monument itself is a flying pigeon mounted on a ball that is framed by cathedrals reliefs and built churches on the means of Hetman Mazepa. The pigeon is composed of two parts, connected in the nozzle area that symbolizes the unity of the left bank and right Ukraine. The tail of a bird consisting of two halves is wound around a bale and churches Mazepa. The entire composition is mounted on a granite pedestal and rotates around its axis.

Believers opposed the establishment, arguing that not worthy monument to Mazepa, dedicated to the curse, was next to the Lavra Kyiv-Pechersk, Hetman where Iskra and Kochubei were executed. But the leadership of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate blessed the erection of the monument and promised to consider removing the anathema of Mazepa, it was political, unspiritual.

The memorial sign is apolitical and acts as a conciliatory monument rather than a stumbling block. It does not describe the Hetman himself, but only the churches that were built for them.