Monument to the founders of Kiev (Founders’ Monument)

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The monument to the founders of Kiev is a symbol of the capital of Ukraine, incorporating its long history. It was opened in the spring of 1982 no Parque Navodnytsky, aterro not Dnipro, near the Paton Bridge. This event was scheduled for 1500º anniversary of Kiev Foundation. The sculptural composition is made in the form of a boat, where the figures Brothers Kiyonaga, Shchek and Khoryv and his sister Lybid – the legendary founders of the city.

historical information about Cyrus, Schek, Horyva and Lybid are mentioned by Nestor Chronicler of the Bygone Years in Tale. According to the author, the brothers were impressed by the beauty of the hills of the Dnipro and decided to settle here. Kyi was sitting on the Mount Borichevskaya, Schek no Monte Shchekavitsa e Khoryv na terceira montanha, that in the future become known as Khoryvtsia. The city was named in Kiev in honor of the elder brother of brothers. It Khoryv, Kyi, Shchek e irmã Lybid, according to the legends reflected in Russian chronicles of centuries XII-XII, – They initiated a tribal association clearings, who are the founders of three settlements, which later became the city of Kiev. The legendary founders of the city, in Kiev, choline remained a Kyyana, Horyva Street, Shchekavitsa Mountain, a small river Lybid.

Initially, the pillar of the Moscow Bridge was chosen as the location to install this composition sculptural. In the early 70, Ukrainian sculptor Borodai, known for motherland, presented a small version of your work desktop, a boat with city founders, Leonid Brezhnev e Volodymyr Shcherbytsky. The composition was as pleasing to the state numbers that immediately was the order to place your copy on the pillar of the Moscow Bridge. However, this idea was not destined to be held. The place seemed to be completely inadequate: the winds just tear a pedestal, and beyond that, sculpture was barely visible low. One of the secretaries of Party City of Kiev's Committee proposed placing a wooden sculpture plywood plywood, but his appearance did not impress the lead. In 22 from May of 1982, the monument with the official name of the monument “Shwing Lybid” It was installed in Navodny Park, near the Patona Bridge. Its authors are sculptors V.Z. Borodai, N.M. Vereshchenko

interesting facts:

The newlyweds of the capital there is a tradition: on their wedding day, they come to a monument and throw flowers from a boat, fortunately. There is already a belief that the couple becomes a monument to the back and throw a bouquet on the boat through his head. If success is successful, means that family life will;

The monument is represented in Ukrainian coupons worth 100 a 5000, They were in circulation in the territory of Ukraine 1991 a 1996;

Night February 2010, part of Memyatki with Horyv and almost did not collapse. Once the boat has been installed in 1982, it was impossible, the época, mount Nonferrous monuments. Therefore, the monument to the city founders made of concrete and covered with copper sheets. Due to the large amount of moisture, concrete turned into a sponge and moisture can not evaporate due to the fact that the sheet metal acting as a greenhouse, destroying the monument. Besides that, the bad work of drainage systems near the monument did his job. Now, the monument is made of bronze.

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