monument to “Globe” in Independence Square

monument to “Globe” na Independence Square (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

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The monument “Globus” (the second name of the monument – zero kilometer sign) – the favorite of a nation, a true monument to Independence Square and Kiev, generally. The composition sculptural “Globe” It is a beautiful Florentine column of white marble, the foot of which you can see distances from Kiev are the regional centers of Ukraine and world capitals.

Monument to the Globe. discovery

The initiative to create the monument Globe was Ukrposhta. The opening of the sculptural composition occurred without a special conclusion in 1996. The idea of ​​creating a monument belongs to S. Sklyarenko. On the implementation of the project, professional life: Carver N. Oliynyk and G Architects. Kurovsky, B. Prymak, R. Kukharenko e A. Little.

History and description of the Globe Monument

First of all, a small capital Symbol sculpture – Archangel Mikhail (generous of Kyivites nickname immediately christened him for a long mantle of Batman) It was installed on top of the marble column.

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At that time, nobody thought, in the near future, a modest monument find a great popularity among the citizens of Kiev and the capital's guests, e Batman-Mikhail – will become a common favorite, near which will appoint meetings almost half the city.

In 2001, rebuilding Maidan Nezalezhnosti it was made. Not passed or the monument “Globus”. That moment, on the opposite side of the monument to Maidan, Another figure of the archangel Michael was established. City officials, apparently, thought that two archangels to a square are very. Therefore, they decided to replace the symbol of the capital by the postal token, que no mboliza Ukrposhta.

As a result, the capital saw a new monument with the globe and flying over him five doves, symbolizing the five continents, who carry a laurel branch in his paws. As a result, Kiev received a very nice monument and another milestone of Independence Square.

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