Monument to the cat Panteleimon (Cat Sculptures)

Monument to the cat Panteleimon (Kiev, Ukraine) - description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

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In the mid 1990, no restaurant Pantagruel, a beautiful Persian cat Pantyusha lived in Golden Gate. Kota soon became very fond of him, It became very famous and increased the frequency of the restaurant several times. But one day there was a fire, during which the cat died.

When restoring the money restaurant was collected worldwide – in Pantagruel there were many regular guests. E, as this love was popular, largely, the merit of Pantyushev, it was decided to install a bronze monument by the donations.

“First, on the side of the pedestal bronze Pantyushev, there was a bronze bird, but it was constantly smashed and stolen, so now the cat is alone there.”

Around this monument there are many urban legends. One of them shows that the cat not only died in the fire, but also saved the zeal of many people, but then only he died a hero's death. The other – more prosaic: there was fire, the cat died of old age, just your lover loves you so much that he decided to put a monument in your pet.