Monument to Archangel Michael

Monument to Archangel Michael (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, comments, photos and videos.

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The monument to Archangel Michael is located in the main square Kiev – Mercy Independence (Maidan). The monument to Archangel Michael is located in Lyadsky Gates sculpture – a nominal structure, created on the site of the alleged discovery of the ancient gates of Lyadsky of medieval Kiev. According to historical facts, It was through Lyadsky Gates in Kiev that the hordes of Khan exploded Batia.


And if he himself, the call “layout” Lyadskih the gates was criticized by historians and sculptors, then no objection to the monument of the Archangel Michael was made. Archangel Michael from the times of the Prince of Kiev was considered the patron saint of the city. It is also present in Kiev coat.

interesting facts:

Archangel Michael is considered patron and supporter of Kiev.