Monument to Princess Olga (Princess Look Monument)

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The monument to Princess Olga in Mikhailovsky Square is a sculptural composition comprising a central monument Olga, pedestals Cyril and Methodius, located right, and a monument to Apostle Andriy Pervozvanny, that is to the left of the princess.

They put a monument to Princess Olga in September 1911 na Praça Mikhailovskaya. About it, John Kavaleridze, Petr Snitkin and Valerian Rykov worked. The whole composition was made of concrete - a new building material and expensive at that time. A sign was placed on the pedestal: “This first entered the realm of the Russian skies, because this is praised by the son of Rustam as the head”, and below another inscription: “Gift of the emperor of the city of Kiev”.

This sculpture should be part of a larger project called “historical path” - a number of monuments in Kiev dedicated to the first Russian princes: Oleg, Igor e Svyatoslav. According to the plan, the monuments should be a kind of alley, stretching from Sofia to the Piazza San Miguel. The emperor Nicholas II, By his decree, approved the construction of this “historical-way avenue” and allocated for this 10 000 rubles.

Unfortunately, the monument lasted only 8 years - in 1919, Princess Olga was the statue fallen by the Bolsheviks of the pedestal, divided in two and buried under the monument itself, and in March 1923 the statues of the Apostle and illuminators were dismantled. In 1926, in Monument location, a park was destroyed. Only in May 1994, on the day of Slavic writing in the destroyed sculpture site, were displayed for public review its small layout and file photos. Besides that, all passers-by could have participated in the blessed cause - the restoration of the monument - to donate a certain amount to the treasure that was installed beside her.

interesting facts:

Princess Olga ruled Kiev in the mid-tenth century. One of the first in Russia, she adopted Christianity, who later became an Orthodox church in the face of the saints;

The apostle Andrew, First called the legends of this place (Praça Mikhailovskaya) pointed to the mountains of Kiev and said prophetic words: “Here the grace of God shines!”

Cyril e Methodius (the creators of the Slavic alphabet) Slavs are required to write.

In 1996 there excavations here, which resulted in finding parts of the broken figure of Princess Olga, with the exception of the head. ancient monument sections were arrested and placed in a Kavaleridze sculptures in the park Andriivsky descent. Works on the creation of a new monument were Vitaliy Sivko (monumento a Panikovsky, monument “For Two Hares“, monumento a Leonid Bykov), Mykola Bilyk e Vitaliy Shishov. This time, white marble was chosen as the primary material, and the pedestal was made of pink granite. The monumental complex dedicated to Princess Olga, the first and only woman to lead the state in the history of Ukraine, It was solemnly opened in 25 from May of 1996 no dia de Kiev.