Monument to Gogol nose in Kiev (Gogol ‘s Nose)

The monument “nose Gogol” in Kiev (Ukraine) - description, history, location, reviews, photos and videos.

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How could I manage without my beloved Kiev Nikolai Vasilyevich? But here, also, Ukrainians showed manufacturing. What to put a monument in full height, when you can restrict nose? Especially since this part of Gogol's face, judging by his famous story, It was a special passion.

Gogol's nose under the mustaches recently hung in the house of Andreevsky descent, but recently the nose moved. Passers like to rub the nose of the writer and measure it with the size. Oftentimes, this dispute, Classic wins.

Despite its prominent size, the nose is not immediately noticeable. Pay close attention to the wall of the house number 13: over there, mounted between two windows, and a fancy composition.