Monte Volodymyrskiy de Kiev (Volodymyr Hill Park)

Monte Volodymyrskiy de Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine): Detailed Description, Address, reviews and photos.

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This park and monument to Volodymyr the Great, What's in it, It can be considered as one of the most famous business cards Kiev city.

In stories and articles on Kiev, you often find pictures where there is a monument to Volodymyr the Great – he stands with his back, holds a cross in his right hand and looks at the left edge of the city. But few people know that this monument is in a beautiful park - Mount Volodymyrskiy was founded in the first century 18.

Mastering planning and slopes of the park began in the 1830. In 1853, in the western part of the mountain it was erected a monument to Volodymyr the Great, thanks to which the hill and began to call Volodymyrskiy, is at 1898, It was built one of the famous pavilions Kokorevskiy.

The main center of the park composition is a monument to Prince Volodymyr, riding tours of the middle terraces, the upper terrace stairs and Vladimir descent of stairs. Besides the monument in the park, there are smaller sculptures, obras Kiev 1980-1990 master-s.

interesting facts:

– this area is associated with the baptism of Rus, as according to legend, It was here in 988 the Prince Volodymyr baptized the Svyatoslavich Kievans.

The park is very well located for tourists and guests from Kiev, as well as the monastery Michael-Domed, the funicular and Andrew descent.

It is best to start visiting the park street Trikhsvyatitelskaya, rising from the underground station Maidan Nezalezhnosti, so you can visit the observatory and down the stairs to the lower park.