Ionian Monastery of the Holy Trinity (Holy Trinity Monastery of St.Jonah)

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The Ionian Monastery of the Holy Trinity is located in the oldest part of Kiev on the hill. The fact that Zvirynetsky Mountain is a special place, spoken by people long ago, We saw them pillars of fire into the sky, then a large spill of water. The hills there is a view of the wide river Dnipro and Chernihiv forests beyond the horizon.

There is a tradition that the first illuminator Russia, o apóstolo Andrew First-Called, visited here. On here, St grandson. Volodymyr, o Príncipe Vsevolod Yaroslavovich, He built the church in the name of Archangel Michael in 1071 and above, on top of the highest mountain in Kiev, he built his “Red Court” princely. Near him, Prince loved to arrange the hunting of wild animals, where he earned the name of the entire area - Zverinets.

monastery history

The founder of the Ionian Monastery of the Holy Trinity was the priest Iona, later he became a saint. Initially, Jonah priest took care of the monastery of the device in the monastery of Vydubytsky. A two-story wooden house was built and there was a church on behalf of Living Trinity. In May 1864, the church was blessed with the rector of the Monastery of San Miguel of Kyiv-Vydubytskyi. But the foundation of the monastery could not be the language: there were many opponents in different layers of society, or even between clergy.

Spiritual elder daughter, the princess Catherine Vasilchikova, wife of the governor-general of Kiev issued donative in his country house in favor of the future monastery and donated ten thousand rubles in his arrangement.

First of all, the monastery's territory, Iona priest organized a shelter for boys and a hospital. Then, the Holy Trinity Cathedral was built, and cells were built and workshops. In 1896, the monastery installed a huge bell, brought from Moscow. The father died in Iona 1902.

Holy Monastery

The monastery contains the relics of St. Iona, the founder of the monastery. The miraculous icon of the Mother of God “three Troy” (a list of icon Athonian Hilandar) with part of the Survey of the Mother of God. Icon of the Holy Trinity with a fraction of Dubamamirsky. The icon of the Exaltation of the Cross with the life-giving Cross. Icon with parts of the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov.