Monastery of the Ascension of the Holy Flower (The Ascension Convent – Florivski Monastery)

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Monastery of the Ascension Holy Ascension Florivsky is the oldest female resident of the city of Kiev and is located in the foothills of the Kiselev (Zamkovaia), I Podol. Here he lived and took tonsure known in Russian women - Princess Shakhovskaya, a princesa Catherine Miloslavskaya, a condessa Apraksin e Alexander Melgunov, then founded the monastery Serafimo-Diveevsky.

Holy Ascension Florovsky Monastery em Kiev existed in 1482, but the former monastery dating back to record 1566 and it is found in a document written by the king of Poland Sigismund II Augustus Kyiv Prince K. Ostrog. The document says that the monastery administration rights located in the Church of Santa Flora and Laurus must be delivered to the archpriest Yakov Gulkevich, and then to their descendants - clergy. The cult, according to this letter, It must be carried out according to the Greek custom.

The oldest building of the monastery is the Church of Santa Flora and Lavra, and the most interesting in terms of architecture - the Temple of Ascension. The uniqueness of the cathedral is harmoniously combining the features of the crucifix church with the location of the baths on a longitudinal axis, feature of Ukrainian wooden architecture.

monastery history

The Florovsky monastery existed before the Kiev desolate Mengli-I spun. Like this, na official painting of Kiev, written in 1682, It is a question of the existence of a virgin monastery in Podil with two wooden churches. A - in the name of the holy martyr Flora.

Shortly after the monastery transfer to Gulkevich, he came in miserable conditions and heirs, abandoned their rights to abode of Florovsky, since the monastery belonging to the Orthodox Church.

Later, the monastery became a significant center not only of religious life in Kiev, but also the center of education and culture. Like this, in 1870, a school for poor families of girls was opened in the territory of the monastery and, by the end of the century 19, It was organized an altar house organized.

The house still lives according to Basil the Great status, which is confirmed by this certificate Yakov Gulkevich, and the old traditions are honored him: the circumcision post occurs at night, the old monastic order is preserved.

Holy Monastery

The monastery has the second (it's the last) List of Mother of God Icon “Attention to humility”, also has healing properties.