Modern Ballet de Kiev (Kyiv Modern Ballet)

Modern Ballet Kiev (Ukraine) – description, history, location, comments, photos and videos.

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This modern choreography theater was created in 2006 the initiative and at the expense of the known philanthropist Ukrainian Vladimir Filippov. The Moldovan choreographer Radu Poklitar became the artistic director in it. The theater is an author, where the formation of the repertoire and artistic priorities are determined by the production of a choreographer with his own unique style.

About 20 young dancers were selected during the casting, and the presence of academic education ballet was not a prerequisite for the acceptance of the troupe. First production, “Carmen. TV”, It was held on the stage of Teatro Nacional Ivan Franko in October 2006, this date is considered the official date of birth of the Modern-Ballet Kyiv.

In terms of creative freedom, along with artists, Anna Ipatyeva's Andrei Zlobin, Radu Poklitar, in the short term, creates a rich repertory theater, transforming the modern ballet Kiev Ukraine of the theatrical world debutante in an absolute leader in the field of modern choreography (from January 2015, the repertoire of the theater had 16 productions).

interesting facts:

Radu Poklitar em 2014 It was the choreographer of the opening ceremonies and the closing of the Olympic Games in Sochi;

for his debut performance, the theater received 2 awards “Kyiv Pectoral” the guidelines “Best Year Performance” e “Best Job Choreographer”. The actor Carmen, olga Kondakova, He was named as “Best Women Paper Artist”.

Ballet Modern Kyiv traveled successfully in France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, China, Thailand, Belarus, Moldavia, South Korea, Estonia, Russia and many Ukrainian cities, suggesting the recognition of the team for the international art. community.

Since 2009, the theater is part of the municipal academic theater of opera and ballet for children and youth Kiev (there is a separate house in the Art Nouveau Ballet Kyiv), where you can enjoy your productions, a stunning set of artists troupe.