Maydan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)

Maydan Nezalezhnosti (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, comments, photos and videos.

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The main area of ​​the country, the most popular place visited Kiev and between city residents and tourists and, Clear, direct participant in such famous events and well-known far beyond Ukraine as “Ukraine without Kuchma” in 2000, a “Orange Revolution” in 2004 e “from euromay” in 2013.

Independence Square History

No século X, instead of Maidan, you did not believe – the swamp, which came out, let say, not a very pleasant smell, and called this place Perevizishche. The word comes from the old Slavic names of the nets to catch small animals and birds hanging from the trees in the forest. At the beginning of the current street Sofiivska, havia o Lyadsky Gates, that was part of a unified system of ancient Kiev's defensive line, built during the time of Yaroslav the Wise, and it started from the Golden Gate.

In the early eighteenth century, remained small remains of defensive structures, the place is mentioned in the records as “pântano Kozina” and represents a bazaar area. The goat marshes used to be known as small lakes and wetlands with marshes, covered with reeds, where people sowed cattle. only 1830, when old shafts Kiev finally toppled, the actual area began to form and, in 1876, the City Duma of the house was built here.

In 1944, when the first projects on the restoration of Khreshchatyk appeared, Independence Square decided to take the role of the main square of Kiev. All buildings that are located here were constructed from 1950 e 1970.

In the early 2000, the square was undergoing serious reconstruction: many monuments, sources (where graduates like to swim) and sculptures have been installed. In the center of Independence Square, there is a high column on which the figure Beregin (figure of the girl who held according to the legends against paganism) is standing, what keeps the deer branch. The Lyadsky Gates was also restored, and figure patron Kyiv, Archangel Michael, it was established.

Immediately after the reconstruction of the Independence Square, It began large-scale construction of the underground shopping center “Globus”. The appearance of the square was designed by the city, not by the developer – he learned about it after having bought land there. Construction of the first line was completed in a year, but as it was the first underground shopping center in Ukraine, It was not without errors – deadlocks, blind spots and other deficiencies that have made the least profitable floor. As a result, even he had to lay off and reinstall the escalator at a different place and more accurate. The most interesting is that the developer wanted to make a garden on the roof “Globe”, but did not have enough permission signatures for city employees.