mama Freedom (Mamajeva Sloboda Open Air Museum)

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mama Freedom (a so-called settlement settlement, whose inhabitants, at the time of its foundation, They were exempt from any duty of the State) It is an outdoor museum and something like Pirogovo. The museum, fearing search 100 objects, It was founded in 1990 and it opened only visitors in the summer 2009.

Em Mamayeva Sloboda, you can look for the house of Cossack elder, one smith, a potter, an armed man, a priest and diviners. Besides that, there is water and conventional mill, tavern, abmary, wells, well volovnya, cabanas, stalls, monte. At the center of this historic architectural complex is the Holy Virgin church is similar to what was in the days of Zaporizhzhya Sich Bogdan Khmelnitsky-Zinoviya. Immediately behind, there is a trade fair where traditional fairs autumn occur.

The reproduction of rites and Ukrainian traditions is the main objective that was placed on the creation of this museum and, therefore, during all national and religious holidays Mamayeva Sloboda, popular festivities are held. This allows anyone want to soak in the atmosphere of Ukraine in the centuries 15 e 19.

interesting facts:

in the seventeenth and eighteenth, these lands were held by the Mikhailovsky Monastery dam golden. There was a large apiary and a settlement of the monks who worked on it;

dishes in which the dishes are served at local restaurant (alleged), made according to historical examples and old technologies;

The museum was created in the former part of Oradean Park.

For visitors, a variety of excursions can be made, you can try yourself as a bell, a cannon, and participate in various entertainment events. Besides that, in Mamevo Sloboda from time to time, interesting craft workshops are held and popular crafts, as well as lectures on ethnography.