Kitaevo Monastery of Holy Trinity in Kiev (Kitaevskaya pustyin)

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The appearance is similar to the Ukrainian Athos called the Holy Trinity Monastery, located in the hills above the Dnieper between forests. One of the hills is called Kitay-mountain, according to one version is name and gave the monastery name. The first settlers came to the mountain of Kitay Lavra Kiev-Pechersk in the sixteenth and seventeenth. The central temple of the monastery is the Church of the Holy Trinity.

According to the legend, the monastery is named after its founder, on the principles Andrew Bogolyubsky, dubbed “Kitem”. Another interpretation of the name was related to the old fortified settlement of the city - the outpost south of Kiev. The Turkish word “Kitay” it means fortification, fortress.

monastery history

It is believed that the scene near the ancient Chinese caves appeared in the seventeenth century. But the attested history of the monastery begins with 1716, when funds are Dmitry Golitsyn built a wooden church in honor of St. Sergius, cells and cafeteria. The new cafeteria, also wood, with a church in honor of three Russian saints - Peter, Alexis and Jonah - was built with donations from Empress Elizabeth.

The deserts played the role of “economy” agricultural, and also served as a laurel cemetery. In the second half of the nineteenth century, It was established a separate economic yard, where old and new buildings were built by the Almighty.

Historically Kitaev desert - a place of burial of thousands of devotees Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and now he is a monastery, actually, go to places of historic graves. Given a sufficient distance from the city, the caves of the mountains Kityivska retain their old look almost unchanged.

Holy Monastery

The monastic worship takes place in the Holy Trinity and the Holy of the temple 12 apostles. In the same temple are the main shrines of the monastery: the relics of the holy apostles and other saints, the relics of St. Theophilus, as well as the monastery of the sanctuary - the list of the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Vatopedskaya”, another name - “the victim brought”. On the north wall of the Holy Trinity church are the relics of Reverend Dosifei.