Decimal Church (Church of the Tithes)

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The Decimal Church, located in the territory of National Museum of History of Ukraine, It is the first stone church of ancient Russia. Thus began temporozodchestvo stone. The church was built in the first century 10 in the court of Orthodox martyrs site – Theodore Varangian and his son John, killed by pagans.

O Vladimir príncipe allocated for the maintenance and construction of the temple a tenth of their income - the tenth (hence the name of the Tithe Church).

Early in the century 11, during the fire, the temple was damaged, However, It was soon repaired and consecrated again. According to the decree of Prince Yaroslav the Wise, three galleries connected to it were. Later, in 1169, the church was sacked troops Suzdal Bogolubsky Prince Andrew, is at 1203 - I tropas of Rurik Rostislavich.

In 1240, Khan Batu capturou Kiev. A large number of townspeople hid in the Decimal Church - the last stronghold in the defense of Kiev, turning it into a real fortress. He hid peaceful inhabitants, seniors, children and women. The temple was packed. Someone even tried to dig into the ground in the church to drill an underground passage to the mountainside. Voivod Dmitry bravely stood in defense of the church. Chronic says the church could not bear the weight of a huge number of people have fallen and died under the ruins of their last defenders of Kiev.

About 400 years, the ruins of the Decimal Church were forgotten. All this time the remains of the temple cleared by the wind, washed by rain, destroyed temperature fluctuations. In the first half of the century 17 French military engineer and cartographer Guillaume Levasseur Boplan described the ancient ruins of the church tithes, wall height of only 5,6 meters were covered with Greek Registration.

And only 2006, near the Decimal Church Foundation, established a tent temple. In 2007, a wooden temple was installed on this site. In 25 July 2007, he was consecrated by the head of the UOC, Sua Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr. At the meeting of the Holy Synod of the UOC 09 July 2009, I decided abrir Kiev Monastery Desyatinny and Gideon attributed Arquimandrita (Variables) their governor.