Church Kirilov (St. Cyril’s Monastery)

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The Church of Kirilo was built in the middle of XII century in the vicinity of ancient Kiev - Dorogozhichy. Like this, the founder of the church, Prince of Chernigov Vsevolod Ol'govich in 1139, Kiev took the storm during the internecine struggle for the great throne of Kiev. For the representatives of the dynasty Ol'govich, the temple was a suburban residence and a generic funeral.

In 1194 He had buried the Prince of Kiev Svyatoslav - the hero of the old poem “The word about Igor's Regiment”.

The architecture of Kyril Church is well preserved from the century 12. Perestroika XVII-XVIII centuries. expressed mainly in parts of the buildings translation, the completion of the four side domes, mounting the lush above the entrance portal, the bookshelf design of windows and portals. The old architectural forms are clearly distinguished by these add-ons.

Kirilov The church walls are covered with paintings - the twelfth century murals, open for oil, separate fragments of seventeenth-century painting and oil works of the nineteenth century in areas where the frescoes have not survived. The ancient frescoes that decorated the entire room of the temple, there were about 800 square meters of paintings, that they are valuable artistic works of ancient Russian period.

Between-run oil painting during restoration in the nineteenth century, a special place belongs to the works of famous Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. In these paintings turned out to be his powerful talent of the monumental and innovative-colorist. One of his most powerful works in the temple is “The Descent of the Holy Spirit”, occupying the choir safe.

According to the legend, Church Kyril closes the bar of a three-headed snake, conquered by Ilya Muromets.

Most respected artist “The Virgin”. In the bottomless eyes of this fragile young man dressed in expensive fabrics, so much suffering and anxiety for the fate of your child that it is perceived as an incarnation of the mother's suffering and is among the best female images created by Vrubel.

Kyril Old Church Architecture, its magnificent murals attract thousands of valuable guests and interesting museums in the country for this monument. On here, old Russian music concerts are held in the registry, Philharmonic actors.