Church of the Nativity of Christ (Church of the Nativity of Christ)

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The Church of the Nativity of Christ was first mentioned in written sources in 1520. The new building of the stone church was erected on the site of the old wooden church, which was decommissioned in 1807 because of its emergency condition. The project was designed by architect Melensky (also built a monument in Kiev Magdeburg law, the church of St. Nicholas on Askold grave, Church of Santa Cruz, Church of St. Good, Nicholas Prytysk Church and Church of the Monastery of Florovsky Resurrection). The construction of a stone church began in 1809 and finished 1814.

The new building was decided to decorate in a classic style. The dome should be decorated with lycarenas (clear cavities). From East, He joined the head (the temple altar) as polurotondy and west - a tower with two thin layers with a cylindrical tower loop. The northern facade and the West were enriched with frames consisting of 4 columns of ionic order with triangular gables. The complex geological conditions required the implementation of additional work on cleaning and drainage and, therefore, construction could only start in summer 1809.

During the terrible fire 1811, that destroyed everything Podol, the church was almost undamaged, but its construction has decreased considerably, while parishioners spent money on the restoration of their homes.

In February 1814, Christ Church of the Nativity of the construction was finally completed and consecrated Metropolitan. The Spassky church, burned during the fire of Podillya, It has been moved and installed a miraculous Baroque iconostasis five lines carved wood.

interesting facts:

  • a funicular It is located across the street from the church.
  • 6 e 7 from May of 1861 Church of the Nativity in Kiev farewell was held with the ashes of the poet Taras Shevchenko, which was moved from St. Petersburg to Cannes. In front of large crowds of people, Archbishop, along with the president of the temple, served a prayer service. After this event, the Kyivites nicknamed church “Shevchenko” (“Shevchenko”)”.

In 1935, the Soviet government decided to demolish (allegedly for having gone through the postal area of ​​the highway) the Church of the Nativity, as well as many other historical monuments of architecture. In 1997, he completed the reconstruction of the Postal Square and was then was the place where the church was full stone path, remotely resembled the old church plan Melensky Andrew. A few months later, a metal hood in the form of a flag has been installed beside.

The presence of a sufficient number of photographs and some of the survival times that Melnensky sketches allowed to repeat precisely the characteristics of the destroyed temple. The restoration of the church was started in 2002, the total area of ​​the building - 195,5 m², the height of the cross - 24,73 meters. The restored temple, corresponded almost to the attention reflected in fotodocumentos. The only exception was the replacement of the Ionic portico sent in Doric and simplification of many elements of decoration. 19 January 2004, It held the grand opening of the restored church of the Nativity of Christ.