Monastery of the Holy Protection (Holy Protection Monastery)

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The Monastery of the Holy Protection was founded in 1889 at the expense of Grand Duchess Alexandra Petrovna - wife of Prince Nikolai Nikolayevich Romanov. On his initiative, charities were working in the monastery's territory: a school, a hospital, shelters for women and children.

The main idea of ​​the monastery was the monastic life. On here, the nuns not only prayed, but also served the needy people. The idea of ​​the living monasticism belonged to Princess Alexandra Petrovna.


The history of the Monastery Pokrovsky began 75 years before his appearance. In that distant time in the same place was the garden where he enjoyed spending time iyeroshymonah blessed Theophilus, the ascetic Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Performing prayers in this garden, he received a revelation that there would be a monastery and a royal wife would be their ruler.

In the monastery Pokrovsky opened charities - Pharmacy free for the poor, women church – the parish school, a hospital for women and shelters for widows and girls who want to live in a monastery, but is not yet ready to vote incurable orphan mutilated women shelters under Several hospitals work in the monastery's territory.

There was a clinic where 500 patients received free medical care every day, despite the need to nationality and religion. Pokrovsky Monastery became the largest charity in Kiev.


The main shrine of the monastery is the Pochayiv Icon of the Mother of God. There is also the protection of the Icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary, part of the Holy Sepulcher stone, the St. Sergius of Radonezh icon with part of the relics and the part of the relics of St. Nicholas icon.