The Andrivski Descent in Kiev (Andriyivski Uzviz)

The Andrivski Descent in Kiev (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, opinions, Photos.

The Andrivskiy Descent in Kiev is the historic main highway connecting the center of Verkhiy (old center) com Nizhniy. According to some historical recognition, the first road on the site of the current decline was placed at the junction between two hills in the days when, in one of the Lithuanian castle hills was built. no time, the Andriyivski uzviz to Kiev is almost equal to the Arbat to Moscow. Not every empty house lived or was some historical person. There are also numerous shops and restaurants, Art galleries and playgrounds; popular festivals and mass events, art events and political events. The Andrivskiy Descent is a favorite place for social and cultural spending of citizens.

The Andrivskiy Descent in Kiev is officially recognized as a town planning monument from 2012.

What to say: all the way down, its historical development is a great city building, the pride and glory of Kiev.

The last reconstruction of the descent was in Andrivskiy 2012. However, It has not changed the old street appearance, she was just a little more “refined”, their new cobblestones and green seedlings… In the same year, a new shopping center on the descent began to be built, for which destroyed many old buildings. This caused a storm of indignation in Kiev, so that the construction is suspended.

According to Andriyivski uzviz, the sad fame the street from Red Lantern was consolidated. They say that historically happened, although it is unbelievable point the old houses of the eighteenth century on the way down. According to historians, in the nineteenth century were all covered.

The most famous museums in Andrivskiy Descent are the Museum of Bulgakov (the same – “The House Turbines”), the Museum of one street and the Memorial Museum of Kavaleridze. Other views on the descent and in the vicinity are the Church of St. Andrew, a monument to Bulgakov, the cat Behemoth, Richard Castle and drama “On the Podil”. However, what to say: all the way down, its historical development is a big city museum, the pride and glory of Kiev.