Catedral de Volodymyrskiy em Kiev (St. Volodymyr's Cathedral)

A Catedral de Volodymyrskiy (Kiev, Ukraine): Detailed Description, Address, reviews and photos.

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The most famous cathedral in Kiev is undoubtedly the Volodymyrskiy. The main temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was erected by 20 years of 1862 a 1882. The Roman-Byzantine temple was run inside the inside of many famous artists of the time: V. Vasnetsov, M. Nestorov, M. Vrubel , V. Zamirillo, S. Kostenko, M. Pymonenko.

In addition to the Orthodox churches in Kiev there are religious buildings and other denominations: Catholic churches, Lutheran church, Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosque.

Marble – the main material from which the central iconostasis of Volodymyrskiy Cathedral in Kiev is executed. For the treatment of sex and iconostasis, colored marble was specially delivered from Italy, France, Belgium and Spain. The mosaic works were carried out by the artisan Venice, and silverware for ritual was delivered at the time by the famous jewelery Khlebnikov.

The walls of the temple adorn huge compositions on biblical themes, what, together, They represent the history of the Russian church visitors. Here you can see the n saints figures, martyrs, santos, princes and saints. It is strange that the authors of the wall paintings treat martyrdom and asceticism as the duty of every person before God. It is also notable that the walls of the temple depict not only the faces of the saints, frames but also historical, as “Baptism of Prince Vladimir” e “Baptism of Kiev”, as well as portraits of historical personalities: Alexander Nevsky, Andrii Bogolyubsky, princess Olga.

The solemn consecration ceremony of Volodymyrskiy Cathedral in Kiev was held in 20 August 1896. The fair Ioanniki Metropolitan, led the ceremony, celebrated with his presence the Emperor Nicholas and his wife, Alexandra Feodorovna.

In the years 30 from the __ century 20, the relics of St. Barbara were brought to Volodymyrskiy Cathedral, which had been brought to Kiev by Prince Svyatopolk and were still kept in the Abbey of St. Domain Santo Domingo. In Soviet times, in particular 1929 a 1941, the Museum of Anti-Religious Propaganda was in Volodymyr Cathedral, in Kiev. After the Second World War, The cathedral was usually closed. And only in the late 60 from the __ century 20, worship was restored. The Vladimir cathedral in Kiev was named “the first inspirational work of Russian religious art”. Ate at data, Vladimirsky Cathedral belongs to the Kiev Patriarchate.