St. Nicholas Cathedral (St. Nicolas Cathedral)

St. Nicholas Cathedral (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, comments, Photos.

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One of the most beautiful buildings erected in Kiev at the beginning of the century 20 It is the cathedral of St. Nicholas. The architecture of the church is referred to as Gothic towers – high arrow-shaped spinning in the sky, a traditional pink façade adorns, the walls are stucco decoration floods.

Today the building there is a concert hall in Kyiv House of Organ and Chamber Music. The Body for the House was made especially taking into account the characteristics of this room.

The construction of the cathedral lasted ten years 1899 a 1909. This long building is due to the fact that the cathedral of St. Nicholas was built solely on private donations from parishioners.

The church attracts the attention of a stylized Gothic form, with characteristics such as impressive proportions, towers and spiers rising, design facility, spectacular decoration of the exterior of the temple – numerous statues, a round window style “Rose” and rich decorative moldings. The facade of the complete organic building the two towers – bells, with height 64 meters. The building is so beautiful that you can stay indefinitely long, considering the details of the external facade of the temple. The interior design of the church was initially excellent. Forty unique stained glass, a beautiful mural of the temple impressed contemporaries. Unfortunately, nothing survived all this splendor.

The building has excellent acoustics. The sound of organ music under the vaults of St. Nicholas cathedral attracts and impresses even the inexperienced listener. The St. Nicholas Cathedral is included in the list of buildings and structures belonging to the state and are not subject to return to religious organizations.

The Roman Catholic community of St. Nicholas Cathedral, who suffered a lot from the repressions in the early twentieth century and virtually disappeared by mid-century in the late twentieth century, obtained permission to conduct worship alternating with concert activities of the House of Organ Music

In 2001, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas visited Pope John Paul II.