Holy Trinity Cathedral in Kiev (Saint Trinity Church on Troyeshchyna)

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One of the new cathedrals of Kiev - Holy Trinity. Since its construction in 1991-1997, the construction of churches in Kiev, restored by 80 years, it was restored. The cathedral is three-headed. The central Chapel, consecrated in honor of the Trinity, left - in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov - miracle worker whose miraculous power icon and kept there, and right - in honor of St.. George the Victorious.

The pride of the temple is a unique iconostasis, which is not the same in any of the churches in Kiev.

In the centuries XI-XIII. Among Troieschyna and Vygurivska was a country house of the princes of Kiev. In XVI-XVII centuries. These villages were donated to monasteries. The letter from the Emperor Peter I, from 16 October 1720, It confirms that the village Troyeshchina belongs to the Holy Trinity Monastery in Hospital Lavra. description 1781 says the existence of the temple in the village. Troyeshchyna.

The parish church of wooden George the Viceroy was destroyed in 1962, and the same year the Church of the Holy Trinity was built on a house of prayer. And the Holy Trinity Cathedral was built.

The cathedral is three tenths. Serafimovsky edge There are relics and miraculous icon of St. Reverend Seraphim Sarovsky. In the temple there is a unique iconostasis made by craftsmen Cherkasy reddreaves.

Under the cathedral is under construction an underground temple in the name of great martyr DemetriusSolunsky Misty.