A Casa com Quimeras

A Casa com Quimeras (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, comments, Photos.

The House with Chimeras is one of the most impressive buildings in Kiev. It is located at the following address: Rua Bankivska, 10, near the Presidential Administration. The house was built between 1901-1902 No. estilo Art Nouveau, the Polish-born architect, Vladislav Gorodetsky. This land was originally unsuitable for construction, because the area was swampy and mobile ground, but in record time, the house was completely built with concrete and cement.

Concrete at that time was a new and rare material, only rich people could buy. The architect was one of those Gorodetskiy, then he not only used this materal in your own home, but also in various decorations' 'the outside world'. To show that the cement is able, the facade of the building was lavishly decorated with chimeras pictures, fabulous mythical creatures. It also depicts mermaids, giant frogs and lilies, rhinos, antelopes, and elephants whose trunks serve as a trough during the rains.

It is less surprising in the house. On the stairs there is a ba lamp shaped like a giant catfish, the stucco on the ceiling depicts a ship with the participation of a large octopus, and the sides of the marble stairs there enchanted birds.

Gorodetskiy was an enthusiastic hunter, this was a hobby that led him to think about creating such unusual interior.

At first, It decided that the apartments in this region would be leased and brought to the income Gorodetskiy, However, there were few rich people in Kiev and only some of these apartments have been delivered. Today, o edifício pertence à administração presidencial e serve para a recepção de delegações estrangeiras.

As lendas da Casa com Quimeras

Durante o tempo de criação e existência da Casa com quimeras não havia uma lenda associada a ela, mas as mais famosas são duas delas.

Como já se sabe, desde o início o solo daquele terreno, não era adequado para a construção. Therefore, as áreas circundantes foram entregues no devido tempo para a construção do estado, e isso entre outros foi lançado do martelo. Nesses leilões públicos, Gorodetskiy the architect met with his colleagues Vladimir Leontovich and Alexander Kobelov and expressed its intention to construct a building using only concrete. Those just laughed, but Gorodetskiy was a player and made a bet with them, having overcome future.

The second legend says that Gorodetskiy built this house in memory of his deceased daughter, who drowned the unfortunate love. However, according to other sources, Gorodetskiy's daughter lived a long and happy life.