Treasury Frog Bronze

Treasure Bronze Frog (Kiev, Ukraine) - description, history, location, comments, photos and videos.

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Made a huge bronze sapo has large sticks around the world under your feet. This wonderful sculpture is located in Park Kreschatny next to the water museum, the wishing tree, O puppet show, the monument of eternal love and the Bridge of lovers - visit all this and you will not regret!

In 2010, the famous Ukrainian sculptor Oleg Pinchuk presented the city with a bronze sapo-treasury, the creation of which cost about US $ 180.000. The Monument sapo turned out to be huge in size and weight: deals 4 square meters and weighs over 6 tons

The sculptor asked the employees of Kiev (they fulfilled their request, but they installed the sculpture a little further away from the place) sapo to put in the service of the year 80, which was located in Khreshchaty Park – previously had a dance floor “rã”, onde Kiev “stylags “.

The sapo made of bronze does not suffer the fate of Lenin or Petrovsky. She will defend for centuries as a symbol of success, money, wealth and prosperity of Kiev, He said at the opening of the monument to Pinchuk.

interesting facts:

The monument is a special collector bucket of money, which can accept about 9 000 000 coins. When he no longer accepts coins, the mechanism that will turn the free work, and all this wealth pours to the feet that he tried to throw a coin in sapo;

the sapo can “to revive” e “spit” with water. Oleg created a reservoir inside the sculpture to collect rainwater. When filling, the water begins to hit the bottle toothpick.

The bronze sapo already has its own sign: if you put a coin into the sculpture and rub his tongue, then you will be lucky in the near future and you will be happy.