The baby Yar (Babi Yar Memorial)

The baby Yar (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, opinions, Photos.

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The controversy around this tract in Ukraine does not exist today. The existing subtitle Babyn Yar is full of contradictions, lack of attention and someone believe in it unconditionally. There is one thing to understand: this is a terrible and sad monument to contemporaries of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

Babyn Yar is a tragic war monument, a Holocaust symbol. From 1941 a 1943, the Germans launched here over 100 thousand civilians in Kiev and prisoners of war, mostly Jews. Only 29 people escaped from Babi Yar.

The Babyn Yar became world famous as a place of mass executions conducted by the Germans in 1941-1943. Under the guns, more of 100 thousand people were killed – mainly Jews, Gypsies, Soviet POWs. Scientists Ukrainians believe that the victims were over 150 one thousand, and children under 3 years also fired, but they did not tell. The bodies of the dead were in a huge ravine in northwest Kiev. Only 29 people escaped from Babi Yar.

For many years, there were no monuments instead of mass punishment, after the war the tragic place was kept silent. In March 1961, there was a technological disaster in Kiev, which claimed the lives of one and a half people milher. It was when they talked about the revenge of Babyn Yar. By 11 years before, work in the Gulf ravine was initiated by pulp. The dam, contrary to common sense, not made concrete, but earthly. Drainage systems have not worked. As a result, a huge wave covered one of the city districts. According to him, the tragedy was called Kurenivska.

The axis of the initial height reached 14 meters, a rate of 5 meters per second.

Os Monumentos the baby Yar

The first monument at Babi Yar was installed only in 1976. The bronze multidimensionada composition symbolizes Soviet soldiers and prisoners soldiers executed war. Then the Soviet Union strongly criticized the foreign countries not to mention Jews in particular. Only on the 50th anniversary appeared “Menorah” – a monument to the Jews executed, as they are called in Ukraine. A “Sadness road” It leads to the mansion. There is also an Orthodox temple on the territory of the tract and various crosses – in memory of Orthodox priests, German prisoners of war. Three iron pipes soldiers of the cross of an unknown author with the inscription “And this place killed people 1941. Sir, the rest of their souls”. The most impressive, perhaps, is the monument to children destroyed. And there are monuments to the mentally ill executed – were 800 people, victims of the tragedy Kureniv.

In 2007, It was created the Historical Reserve and State Memorial” The baby Yar “, who received the national status. However, the territory of the tract does not protect, here is a metro station and, a highway, a complex sport and a telecentre.