Arch of Friendship in Khreshchatyk park (People’s Friendship Arch)

The Arch of Friendship in Khreshchatyk park (Kiev, Ukraine) – description, history, location, opinions, Photos.

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In 1982, no park Khreshchatyk, in summer Estuary site, which was transferred to the Mariinsky Park, It was erected a sculptural composition in honor of the unification of Ukraine with Russia. The composition consists of a massive metallic arc and two statuary.

exist 3 versions of the specific event scheduled to open the monument:

– Celebration of 1500º anniversary of Kiev (the first time the day was celebrated in the city 1982, in May),

– the 60th anniversary of the USSR foundation (celebrated 30 December 1922),

– the 65th anniversary of the October Revolution (celebrated in 7 November 1917).

The exact date of opening of the Friendship Friendship Arch is not specified in no time.

The central object of the composition is the monument of Friendship of Peoples of about 6 meters high, which is dedicated to the unification of Ukraine with Russia and is represented in the form of two workers – Ukrainian and Russian who hold in their hands a ribbon raised above their heads with the Order of Friendship of Peoples.

There is a multifunctional sculpture based on Council Pereyaslav (a meeting of representatives of Zaporizhzhya Cossack Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky led by, What happened in January 1654 em Pereyaslav, which was made a national decision to unite the territory of zaporozhense army with the Russian Empire, consecrated in an oath of alliance czar.) At its center are Bogdan Khmelnytsky and Vasyl Buturlin – Russian ambassador.

The sculptural groups link the rainbow rainbow, what, according to the design of its creators, symbolized the unification of fraternal peoples: Ukrainian and Russian.

interesting facts:

– Alexander Skoblykov, who is also the author of the memorial complex of the Great Patriotic War and the monument to Nicholas Gogol in Rusanivka, He created the sculpture on the grounds of Pereyaslav Council.

– In the bow section built in colorful lighting, resulting in night design, when light alloy, It looks like a real rainbow.

Across the square with monument, there is a large amphitheater and, behind the monument, there is an observation deck, of which there are magnificent views of Podil, Square Poshtova, Truhaniv island, Dnipro and left bank of Kiev.

On the way to the Park of Friendship, you can visit places like the National Philharmonic, the puppet theater and the water museum. When you follow the trail in the Dnipro Quay, So, to the left, you will find a monument to the Magdeburg Right, and then there is a pedestrian bridge in the park that leads to the island Trukhaniv.