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Great guide in Portuguese in Kiev

tourist guide kiev

It was a good surprise to find the Illia in the Ukrainian capital for a walking tour through the historic city center. A good walk , around six hours by the most important monuments and churches. Explains very well in clear Portuguese after living a while in Brazil. Super recommend!

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Super recommend

Portuguese speaking guide in Kiev

We had some free time in Kyiv and through the Internet found the Illya to be our guide in the city. very good price charged per hour – He stayed up beyond the agreed time -, punctual . How lived little more than a year in Brazil, speaks good Portuguese; It is well acquainted with the history and customs. Nothing to be a rushed guide. Walk on foot and passed us a good view of the city. Super recommend.

The ADNA R Campolina
Brazil, Belo Horizonte

country of wonder

tourist guide kiev

I was in Ukraine in mid-September and early October 2017. I visited Kiev and Lviv. Both cities are beautiful, unlike anything I had ever seen. the monuments, churches , museums , theaters and parks are stunning. I had a local guide, Illia, speaking partuguês and proved to be a serious professional, responsible, attentive and always ready to meet any request .

Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

One day the Chernobyl travel with our guide Irina

Chernobyl Tour

The program is rich, approximately 8 hours in the exclusion zone, we look at all the fun: from abandoned villages and relatively alive Chernobyl, to nuclear power plant and Pripyat with all the details. We also ate at a local bar, which proved the Ukrainian borsch dish. Irina guide was very talkative and agile, always been with us, he said interesting information, and at the end of the journey guided us directly Hotel. Thank you for organization!

Belo Horizonte - Brazil

summer, recently, in Ukraine. There were

Guia Kiev

summer, recently, in Ukraine. I had heard and read a lot about the beauty of the cities of Kiev and Lviv. being there ,visiting these two cities,I found that what I was seeing and experiencing far outpaced my expectations. Were 15 days of culture with pure delight, with the history preserved in its architecture,in its monuments, theaters, museums and the hospitality of the people.
The difficulty with the language, I hired the services of a local guide, Portuguese-speaking, or Illia. It was a huge hit. Was tireless and gentle, They are perfecting to give the best possible attention, Always know that all went well. With its work contributed much to that these days there have been so special. I left wanting to return( I have been there between the days 23/09 e 7/10:2017).

Maria Regina

Illia guide

Very attentive and speaks good Portuguese.



Guide in Kiev

very fun ride, speaks good Portuguese, It comprises fine. Knows well all the sights, know the culture and history of Ukraine. We were to watch the UEFA Champions League, he always punctual always humorous, It is not rushed and is not counting the time, let us know and will relax the ride.

It noiss kkkkkkkkkk rsrsrsr

Helder Amaral

Streets of the historic Kiev

Thank you for such a significant tour, so good that the Ukrainian speaks good Portuguese. We were walking in the center of Kiev, We learned a lot of interesting facts about the history of the capital ucrainiana. The guide was very fun, friendly and timely. With great pleasure, we will visit other cities of Ukraine.

Jean Lucas
Brazil, Sao Paulo

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